Game - this is the set of software and hardware that is made available to anyone registered.

Account - provided within the game space of the game, in which you can perform the allowed actions that are created as options in the game.

Allowed actions - these are only actions performed by using a computer mouse within the game, as well as the use of keyboard keys only in the fields that are designed for this and do not conflict with these conditions. The number of allowed actions DO NOT include the use of mice with more than 2 buttons and more than 1 click at a time, as well as any modifications to the game no matter what browser programs and functions are used.

Multiaccounting - using two or more accounts from the same person.

Ban - penalty in the game, which, depending on the player's fault, may be of a different duration. What is the length of the ban, the administrator of the game determines.

Bot - a hardware or software tool designed to mimic the actions of a real person.

Avatar - a picture that, if not contrary to the rules and conditions of the game, the player may put himself on the profile against the purchase of the specified bonus.

Click - perform an action using the mouse button in the game.


Everything you do in it is not real.
The game is fun and does not constitute a bullying in violence, nor does it justify violence! You can make virtual crimes in the game, but NEVER in the real world! Game creators assume no responsibility for the consequences of using the game.


Players who try to manipulate rules and use gaps in them can be deleted from the game. The use of a vulgar dictionary in public chats and game space, manipulation of bugs and any other actions that contradict the constitution (including punishable names, avatars, gender, ethnic, political, or sexual discrimination) will lead to the immediate deletion of the player from Vi Bank.


The game is not recommended for people under 16!
One player can only play with one account. Multiaccounts may be deleted without prior notice, provided there is sufficient evidence to do so. It is forbidden to play more than one person in one account, this offense being sanctioned without warning. The sale, intention and assignment of third party accounts for any period is forbidden, and in such a case the offenders are removed from the game. It is forbidden to enter the game through proxy servers. Once this violation has been detected, the account using the unauthorized agent is deleted.


Vi Bank is a free to play game so that the service team can not be held accountable. If, due to a system failure and / or other hardware and / or software problem, a player is put at a disadvantage to others, Vi Bank can not be blamed or held accountable for what happened. The game team has no responsibility and can not cover losses resulting from transactions not directly related to the rules and functions of the game. Vi Bank can not cover players' losses in case of poor protection of the player from their personal data such as passwords, emails, etc. and subsequently recovering the account from third parties. The responsibility of the game is to delete and block thieves, but not to recover the losses of the account.


The user is entitled to 1 account. With it he can use the services provided. The user has the right to seek assistance from the game team on a particular question using the Administration option. The user has the right to express his / her own opinions and suggestions in the game, the forum and the facebook page as long as it is not in contradiction with the established rules.


It is forbidden to use bots, bots, or other ways of staying online. The same applies to programs that somehow automate the player's actions beyond those given by Vi Bank. Ads, from users, on non-Vi Bank sites are banned in public chats as well as in the game space. The offenders receive a ban. It is forbidden to enter the game through proxy servers. If such use is proven, the account is banned.


It is forbidden to use the services of the game for commercial purposes. This includes the sale of real money loans, as well as any other resources, services, etc., without detracting from the meaning of this point. as well as all the means of extracting material goods through the offered options and services in the game. It is forbidden to organize gambling games by players.


Vi Bank collects detailed data related to players' actions. Instant messaging is not confidential or anonymous and in case of doubt can be checked by game administrators and used as evidence of non-compliance with the terms of use of the game. The game collects data from each player, such as IP addresses, cookies, emails, and more. to optimize site performance for different browsers and computer systems. This data can be used to prove the game offenders and violate the playing conditions. By accepting these terms, the player agrees to receive email messages used for registration in the game, messages related to changes and new game seasons, or other campaigns related to Vi Bank.


Vi Bank reserves the right to change the game without prior notice.


The user bears sole responsibility for the actions performed in the game and the related pages (forum, facebook page, etc.). The user undertakes to personally monitor for changes in the game and conditions by using the game itself, the forum and the facebook page of the game. When registering an account, the user is required to provide a real existing personal email to which he or she has access. Otherwise, the user is not entitled to request assistance from the team in the event of an unfavorable situation. The user is required to report any irregularities and problems with the game, the forum or the facebook page of the game. The user is obliged not to harm the good name of the game, the users and the administration team. The user is not entitled to use the name or other components of the game to retrieve own benefit and / or mislead and / or mislead other people.


These terms and conditions are deemed to have been accepted by the players as of the date of their writing or change, and players are required to read them and to inform themselves of their change. Disregarding these playing conditions does not excuse anyone for violating them. Reading the rules is REQUIRED for each player and in the event the player has not done it can be deleted from the game.

If you do not agree with these rules, exit the game and close the window!