Welcome to vi-bank.com
The goal of the game is to build your own virtual bank with a huge network of branches and employees to make a good profit.

The main ways to earn levro in the game are:
1) Through visist;
2) Through referrals;
3) Through answering questions in our quiz game;
4) From your bank's staff;
5) With an investment in our Market;
6) Through robberies of foreign banks;

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1) Earn levro through visits
Upon registration, you receive a personal page and every time you or your friends, visit this page you earn 100 levro. In other words, the goal is to convince as many friends and acquaintances as possible to visit your personal page. Every visitor is entitled to one visit every 24 hours. The link to your personal page is located in the blue box at Game -> Visits. (See pic 2).
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2) Earn levro through referrals
If you recommend the game to a friend and he / she registers as a result of your recommendation, you will receive 20% of each levro he / she earns. Upon registration, you will receive a link that your recommended people should use when registering. The link is located in the blue box at Game -> Referrals.
3) Earn levro through our Quiz Game

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Another way to earn levro are the right answers to questions from different areas. Every day you will be able to answer 50 questions and every correct answer will bring you 300 leva. For each question, you have 20 seconds to answer. (See pic 3)
Each day you have the right to play 10 games, with each game having 5 questions. All VIP users receive 20 games a day.

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4) Earn levro from your bank's staff
Appointing employees in your bank is another way to make a profit. Every employee brings you a certain amount of an hour. The number of employees you can assign depends on the building levels in your bank. With increasing levels of skills, the profit that each of them brings will increase. You can see how much you earn from each employee, as well as the total revenue of everyone, on the page Buildings -> Staff. (See pic 4)

How to hire new employees?
Hiring of new employees is from Buildings -> Staff. To hire an employee, you need to have the necessary building, as well as the appropriate amount for his hiring. You can see information about required buildings and the cost of hiring by clicking on the employee you selected. After selecting the number of employees you want to hire (use "red -" and "green +") you have to press the button "hire". If the procedure is successful, you will start earning that amount every hour. If you get an error, please review the details and see which hiring terms you are not responding to. If an employee is marked with red it means that you have no right to hire it is because you lack a Building or Skill.

5) Earn levro through investment on the market
Another way to earn levro is by investing in items on our Market. By purchasing an item, you begin to earn daily earnings on a predefined schedule. The price, the duration, the return, and the profit distribution scheme can be viewed for each item on the Market. (See pic 6)

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Earn levro through robberies of foreign banks
The robberies allows you to steal the entire amount that the victim has at his disposal outside his vault. When more than one user performs a robbery against the same victim, the loot is shared equally. Set robbery is counted if the victim and the striker play from the same IP address. In this case, both accounts are banned. More information you can find in Game -> Robbery.