As part of our commitment to ensuring that we can offer you the optimum gaming experience Vi Bank are dedicated to making sure that we have a clear line of communication with our users, keeping them informed towards any data that we collect.

As part of that, Vi Bank want to assure you that we never collect personal information without your consent however we do collect none personal information from you when you use or access any of the properties that Vi Bank operate.

We would like to assure you that any data that is collected by Vi Bank is always protected against unauthorised access, loss or sale of information and we continue to further increase our methods of keeping this data secure through the development of further security processes that we look to build into our operating method.


Data that Vi Bank collect from yourselves comes in two formats, personal and non-personal and in order to give you an insight into the sort of information that we collect in both of those instances, we have broken down the occasions that we do collate information from you:

Non-personal information is collected through third party services such as Google Analytics and other stat tracking platforms however the information that we collect through these platforms is anonymous other than the IP address that you access the site from.

Vi Bank only use this information to improve the services that we offer to you as this information allows us to see what sort of content is most popular as well as what locations around the world are proving to be interested in the services that we offer.

Personal data is only collected by Vi Bank if you choose to provide that information to us, whether it be through the contacting of Vi Bank via contact form or email or creation of personal profiles within the services that we offer.

Due to the information that you provide being personal to you, we ensure that the data is only associated with your usage of our services and should you wish to request the information that we hold about you within this category, or would like us to erase the data for you, please make contact with Vi Bank directly and we will complete the request as quickly as possible.


Vi Bank do operate properties that allow users to make payments in exchange for digital goods and in order to keep your banking information safe, Vi Bank make use of as a third party payment provider in order to accept payments via eWallet and credit card.

We do not hold, handle or process any financial information within the company and advise all users of Vi Bank services to consult with the terms and conditions held on before making any payment through their service to ensure that you understand all the terms and conditions that are in place before making use of their payment services.

All of the Vi Bank services make use of the digital goods system on to protect both ourselves and you, the user of our service. We do not hold, use or retain any finance related information on our properties.


Vi Bank know that your information is being provided by you, to improve the experience that you have within the services that we have to offer and based on that knowledge, we will never rent, sell or give away any information to third party companies.

Should we have any legal obligation to provide information to any party which is outside of our ability to deny, we will inform you of the contact in order to allow you to establish that information will be handed over to legal representatives for those requests following notification and agreement from you.


Due to the nature of the products that we offer within our game being non-physical items we have taken every step to ensure that we offer you the best level of service possible and as part of that intention we have decided to make use of PayPal payment services that are specialised for digital delivery items.

As all payments relate to digital items, we have created a state of the art delivery system that is triggered once your payment has been made into our account, which will then automatically issue the items to the related account for which the item/s were purchased.

Our advanced payment system means that we can ensure that delivery of any purchased items is done almost instantaneously into your player account, meaning that you get all of the items that you have purchased within seconds of making your payment so that you can enjoy your usage of our services quickly and easily.

Digital items carry no physical value outside of our service and in purchasing these items you agree to the condition that no refunds can be made for items that are used or purchased within our game, although we do have logs that will ensure that we can provide you with proof that items have been delivered into your player account following a successful payment.

We would like to stress that any unfounded attempt to defraud the payment process through the use of items and a request for charge back after their use will result in a permanent ban of usage of any and all of our gaming titles.


Vi Bank believe that all of the information that we hold, whether that be personal or non-personal, remains under the control of the user that has submitted the data. In order to request the information that we hold for you within our services, please contact the company directly in writing.

To make a general enquiries or to query any of the points listed within this policy, please contact and include the service that you use within our properties.
We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy. Any changes to this privacy policy will be posted.